Photography 101: Water

A source of life. A place of recreation. A calming presence, but also a destructive force. We have different relationships to and stories about water: how it has saved or defeated us. How will you interpret this theme? How can you tell a story with water?
In your street shot, you established a scene with a background, foreground and a focal point within it. Apply this thinking to your water shot!
After you snap your picture, rotate your camera and take a second shot from the other orientation — horizontally if you first took the picture vertically, and vice versa.

I view water as cleansing and therapeutic. Washing away all the things that keep us bound and sad. Making us “new” again.

Water can come in the form of a fast-moving storm, roaring in and drenching everything. Just as it did in these shots. The rain on the window reminded me of tears streaming down someone’s face.

In focusing on “orientation,” I noticed how the light changed in each picture. Even the rain looks different. I have my personal favorite of the two. How about you? Which one do you like?


Finally, I decided to add this photo to the mix. It sorta spoke to me. Peace and calm after the storm.




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