Photography 101: A Pop of Color

Today, pay attention to how color affects your images. Experiment with one color, and think about how to feature it prominently.
Tip: As you train your eye to look for color, keep it simple. Lean toward one bold color against a neutral background. Look for a strong color within a basic composition of uncomplicated lines.
Continue to experiment with light and your POV as you shoot color-as-subject — the color may transform as you move. Don’t ignore soft, pastel shades — colors like mint, pale pink, and powder blue can make statements, too. Try juxtaposing these with black and darker shades.

On a very rainy, cold and generally bleak day, I found this fun burst of color as I crossed the street.

pop of color

Just a little further down the block, off a small side street, this lovely trio of pastels homes had me wishing for springtime, sun and warmer temperatures.

pop of color 2

Even in the cold, a girl’s passion for fashion can’t be stopped. This eye-catching arrangement of colors really made my day. Wonder how much they cost?

pop of color 3

What do you think? Leave your comments and suggestions.

These photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy phone. Photo one was slightly edited in Photoscape.


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