Photography 101: Mystery

Today, share an image that creates a sense of mystery. A lone mitten on the sidewalk. A trail leading off into the distance. Your dog’s deep brown eyes. Intrigue us with uncertainty.
Tip: To stretch yourself, manipulate the light available to you to create a particular effect — use it to cast shadows and highlights to create a moody image. Work with natural light, or find an artificial light source.

mystery 3It’s been nothing but gray skies and rain since late last week. Depressing if you ask me.

Today, I managed to get out in between the breaks in rain. I found myself wandering down some small, cozy streets. Although I was looking for something a bit more ominous, I thought this fit the bill for “mystery.” 

I couldn’t find the special effects on my phone. After fiddling in the rain for five minutes, I gave up. I really wanted to do a sepia shot. Something washed out and slightly faded.

When I returned home, I searched for the phone manual online. I found the manual and located the filters/effects on my phone. Too late for today’s shot– boooo. At least I know for the next time. But I did end up applying an effect to the photo. 

What do you think?

This photo was taken on my Samsung Galaxy phone. The photo was edited in Photoscape with the bandicoot effect.


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