Blogging 101: Try a New Posting Style

When we think of a blog post, many of us think of a few paragraphs of text. A blog post can be anything, though: a quote, a small gallery of photos, a song or video, some brief text, or any combination.
Today’s assignment: build your storyteller’s toolbox by publishing a post in another format or a style you’ve never used before.
This assignment explores other post formats. I actually tried to use the “aside” format in my earlier post, but I didn’t see any change at all. I have never seen  an aside in action, so I am still confused on how it’s supposed to look. *shrugs* 
So now I need to try something else, lol. 
Previously, I blogged about a golden key, Paisley Park and a birthday party. If you missed it, read it here (it’s a short read, promise!).
To say I am a huge Prince fan is an understatement. I just adore him! Get it… “Adore.” Ah well, enough of my lame Prince jokes. What better way to try out today’s assignment than to share some music from his latest project, Art Official Age. Enjoy!

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