Blogging 101: Extend Your Brand

As soon as you started publishing, you became a brand: you announced to the world, “This is the place on the internet where you come to find XYZ.”
As you define your brand, you build a distinct personality and consistent experience for your readers that reinforces why your blog is worth reading. Think of the sites you love reading. You can probably give a one-sentence description of most of them — that’s their brand. You’ve got one, too (even if you don’t know it yet).
Today’s assignment: extend your brand with one of the following: a custom Blavatar, a custom image widget, or a Facebook fan page.

For this assignment, I created a custom Blavatar for the blog. Again, this was one of those assignments that I completed before it was assigned. Lucky for me, this was a no brainer!

The image is from a picture I took a few weeks ago. In the midst of some wire fences, on a rolling hill, I found a lovely patch of ivy. Ivy is an important symbol to me. Its properties– strength, endurance, resilience– all speak to where I am in my life.

The ivy and its vine are examples of the twists and turns that can occur in our lives. But they are also a testimony to the lasting connections we have in terms of our relations to the earth and to each other.


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