‘N-Word Go Home” Black Woman In White Maryland Town Warned To Move Out

As I just moved from the DMV back to NYC, this story (though not surprising) breaks my heart.

So much hate and anger in the world. People need to find faith and hold fast to a higher power. Too much going on in the world (e.g, war/violence, poverty, homelessness, disease and economic instability). Worrying about the race, color, creed or nationality of your neighbor should be the LEAST of anyone’s worries.

Black America Web

An unidentified Black woman who had just moved in to her new Maryland suburban home in an exclusive area, was awakened Monday morning to find the words, “N-word, Go Home” spray painted in red on her garage doors, according to WTOP.

The town of Chevy Chase, which is northwest of the nation’s capital, is an affluent town of mostly Victorian homes and located in Montgomery County, Maryland.  Its residents are predominantly prominent attorneys and D.C. politicos with a median household income of about $250,000.  The racial makeup of the area has a population of about 92 percent Caucasian and 1 percent African American.

According to Montgomery County police, the woman had only occupied her home for a little more than a week when the hate crime took place.

Authorities contend that there have been no other racially bias acts of vandalism reported to them in recent years.

Either way, the vandals…

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5 thoughts on “‘N-Word Go Home” Black Woman In White Maryland Town Warned To Move Out

  1. I am completely horrified that this has happened. Oh my God people can be absolute morons with no moral or social skills to speak of. I cannot understand such pointless and ugly hate.
    Sorry, rant over. Thank you for posting…


  2. Wish I had some constructive comments, but there isn’t much to say that isn’t patronizing or trite, or just plain stupid. This incident in Maryland is very sad, and whoever did it should be put in stocks on the town square…oh, we don’t do that anymore? Chances are it was not one of the neighbors, or even someone from the town, but agitators trying to stir up the situation.


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