Ariana Miyamoto Crowned The First Biracial Winner Of The Miss Japan Pageant! [VIDEO]

You know there are folks that are STEAMING MAD about this. But all I can say is GOOD FOR HER! She is beautiful!

Black America Web

Born to a Japanese mother and an African-American father, Ariana Miyamoto broke new ground on March 8 when she was crowned the Miss Japan competition’s first biracial/mixed race winner!

The moment was one of a lifetime for the beautiful 20-year-old and also a historic one because of her dual racial identity. Though she is a native Japanese woman, representing her village of Sasebo in Nagasaki, Black Enterprise noted that Miyamoto was worried her “unconventional” (by traditional Japanese standards) looks wouldn’t go far in the pageant. But despite some initial hesitation, she got over her fears and came out a game-changer!

In Japanese, biracial individuals are labeled as “hafu” or “haafu” and they sometimes experience prejudice from their community. On what we’re going to call “#JapaneseTwitter, some people had even questioned if Miyamoto, as a biracial woman was “really” allowed to be called Japanese (child, someone take those naysayers to…

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